Coverage for your child

With Children360, your child is covered 360 degrees.

Children360 Summary

Amount of coverage Minimum $10,000 - maximum $50,000
Issue age Children from 30 days to 15 years of age
Contract type Term to age 75
Conversion Critical Illness or Life Insurance - Available up to age 60
Premium Guaranteed level premium to age 75
Illnesses covered 37 including many specific to childhood (see List of Covered Critical Illnesses)
Exclusions and restrictions Please refer to the specimen policy for complete details.
Basic coverage Choose between:
1. Critical Illness Coverage
2. Critical Illness Coverage or Life Insurance (Payable at 1st event)
Supplementary Benefits Additional Life Insurance
Option Plus
Premium Refund Benefit
Beneficiary (Critical Illness Insurance) Policy holder
Beneficiary (Life Insurance) As designated by the policy holder